About Us

Donia Al Ahlam Cafeteria is located in the heart of BurDubai serving their customers since 2014 with great and healthy food. Donia Al Ahlam serves you a wide variety of dishes to ensure that whatever you are craving at whatever time, we can serve it! From Arabic food such as shawarmas or grilled foods, or maybe feeling like having some Asian Food like noodles or fried rice, we can serve it. Donia Al Ahlam Cafeteria’s drinks are spectacular, try out one of our tea specials or juices and experience the flavor, all the ingredients we use for our juices and food are fresh to enhance its flavor and richness. with many years of industry experience, we have a real passion for cooking only the highest quality of food. Donia Al Ahlam Cafeteria also complies with the COVID-19 regulations on social distance. To explore our selection of pickup and local delivery offers, check our website.